So guess what I did yesterday? I´ll give you a clue.. I went to the town fair with my sister. Yes I have a little sister of 17 (very long) years of putting of with her and I love it. She is my best friend and we always end up having so much fun anywhere we go, and believe me this was not the exception. I want to tell everyone that I´m so freaking afraid of heights, none the less I did get on every roller coaster possible and shout like if a lunatic was trying to kill me with a knife.

My sister has the privilege to look just like me. Everywhere we go people is always asking us if we are twin sisters which sometimes we say yes just for fun. There´s just one obvious physical difference between the two of us and that is her freckles. Yes I do not have freckles, but my sister does and so many of them and so beautifully I sometimes envy her. But don´t worry you don have to imagine I have the perfect photo to show you are similarities and differences.

We actually have a very different makeup style in this photo, still you can se the resemblance pretty good. We had so much fun, that I just can say I totally recommend going on a town fair not only with your boyfriend but your boyfriend because it´s a place to have fun and who better with than the person that makes you laugh the most right?
55 2

And let me tell you about the food, it was AMAZING

I know I can`t eat whatever I want because I have pre-diabetes, and I usually take good care of myself but believe it was completely worth it. I had a drink called Rusas which basically was a squirt soda kind of lemon soda with so much ice and some tequila. They add it lemon and some sauce like Valentina and botanera sauce. they add some fruit on top and a spicy candy. It was just heaven on your mouth, freaking amazing.


It was a wonderful day, totally recommend doing this activity with the people you love.


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