Hell Yeah 2016 trends

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  • I believe everyone is different, that we are unique because of the mix of everything we like and love and the things we don´t. I´m an ordinary 20 year old woman who is so freaking in love with fashion i could be making out with a Prada bag. No but seriously I do love fashion but before we start with that topic I want to dedicate a sentence to assure you this blog will not only be about fashion, but about life and choices and experiences AND SO MUCH MORE!

    WARNING: I forgot to mention that english is not my first language, I´ll tell you guys later that in other post, little by little I´ll be posting things about myself so you guys can know me.

    Now lets get started with the good part shall we?

    The 2016 fashion trends for this spring/almost summer are first of all

    The white shirt! and may I say I´m enjoying it? cause I am. It is a classic that never dies and it matches with everything, every bag you want and every color of shoe. I am so glad this is back.


    Now for the color, you see something tells me the winner is rose quartz. Not so sure what it is, well except maybe…

    It didn´t won the Pantone 2016 color of the year for nothing and I have to admit I´m also so excited for this trend because is my favorite color. I´ve been waiting for this trend to come up like this for a long time you guys!

    So you can say I´m pretty happy about this years trends, and this are just a few. Let me know if you want to know more about trends or how to use this knowledge wisely, you know what I mean girls 😉

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